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GigaTribe – Safe P2P File Sharing

Posted by cotojo on June 13, 2007

GigaTribe (also known as TribalWeb) is a revolutionary
program that lets you share entire folders with friends in
a private peer to peer (P2P) environment. Share all your
files (home movies, pictures, documents…) no matter how
large they are. It’s secure, encrypted…and free!

You create your private network by inviting your friends.
No one can join your network unless invited.
You can dismiss or ban your guests at any time.
Your guests can’t see each other on your network.

Install GigaTribe, select the folders you want to share
and invite your friends to join your private network!
Share all your files (movies, pictures, documents…) no
matter how large they are.
Interrupted exchanges automatically resume with no data
All files are exchanged at maximum speed.

Only the folders you want to share are visible.
Only the users of your network can see your shared folders.
When exchanging a file, only the sender and the receiver
are aware of the exchange.
All data exchanged on your network is encrypted (Blowfish
encryption with a 256-bit key).

All these features are included in the standard version
and are totally free.
GigaTribe contains no adware and can be uninstalled easily.

Pick of reviews:
PC Plus June 2007Monthly DVD – The PC Plus Essential
Collection”Harnessing the power of peer to peer, GigaTribe
provides a network to exchange large files with your
Computer Shopper May 2007DVD Edition: Expert Toolkit – May
Specials”Create a private network over the internet to
share files with friends.”

Please Note: 
The limited allocation of free upgrades has now been reached.
You can still download the free version and upgrade for a small fee.

Premium  Version features:
Download faster The number of files downloaded at the same
time is unlimited!
You are no longer limited to 1 download at a time.

Enjoy multisource downloads.
As soon as you begin downloading a file, GigaTribe will
automatically look for this file from all the users
connected to your network. It will then download it from
every source available.

Share files more easily.
When sharing a folder, you may: Select which user groups
will see you shared folder.
This way you can share a folder with your family and
another one with your friends.
Choose the level of authorization granted:
read only / write enable / total control (rename, delete).
Protect your shared folder with a password to limit the
folder access without modifying your user groups.

Receive Premium support.
Your emails are given top priority.

To your safety and security

3 Responses to “GigaTribe – Safe P2P File Sharing”

  1. news4vip said

    Fanatics of the P2P super power gave birth to the devil.
    It is the strongest P2P file sharing system Share NT.
    And, Because UDP is used, even the band limiting that the internet service provider does is exceeded.

    Share (P2P) – Wikipedia
    Share NT –

  2. cotojo said

    Vargas – It is a good program and virus free, which many P2P sites are not. There is also a browser based version available which I will do an update about in the very near future.

    Many thanks for your comment.

  3. vargas said

    Sounds interesting.

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