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Advanced Windows Care from I0Bit

Posted by cotojo on June 21, 2007

I’ve been using this program for over a month and put it through its paces, all I can say is…………………give it a try!

Free PC Security

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18 Responses to “Advanced Windows Care from I0Bit”

  1. cotojo said

    Nick – The problem that Norton is finding may me a malware infection, scan with malwarebytes antimalware.
    It would appear that IOBit had a few server problems, but they should be back to normal and if you continue to have problems contact me.

  2. Nick said

    I have been using this program for some time and have had no problems, however during recent usage I have constantly been told that my computer cannot find the server, This cannot mean my server since I can reach any other webpage that I wish to, but am unable to get the results when I click on the button after carrying out a scan.Is this a user problem, if so could you tell me how to rectify it please. Also I have a small infecting on my computer, this program does not detect it, but Norton does, and although it detects it it does not do anything about it dispite costing me an arm and a leg. Is there something that you sell that works as well as Norton, but does not knock the guts out of my computer, and that will rid me of all such infections.



  3. cotojo said

    Wayne – The latest update version should have resolved the gremlins that were causing computers to shut down automatically.
    To be honest, I prefer to use Eusing as a stand alone registry Cleaner.

  4. wayne said

    I am having the same problem as Kohl. Whenever it moves into scan registry mode my whole computer shuts down. I am scanning registry with “eusing” registry cleaner right now and hope that will fix the problem. Will let you know. Thanx

  5. cotojo said

    Thomas – You’re most welcome.
    The problem with many beta programs is that there is a risk involved which can cause system instability, program crashes etc.
    As soon as they are out of beta I test them before adding them to my list of useful programs 🙂
    Have a great weekend,

  6. Thomas Cicconetti said

    Thank you again for your help. I’ll take your advice.

  7. cotojo said

    Thomas – To my knowledge AWC 3 Beta 1.0 has some stability issues at present. The problem with any beta program is that it is still undergoing testing and there are bugs to be fixed.
    Until it is a stable version I would stick with AWC version 2.7 and SmartDefrag V4.03 and uninstall V.3 beta.
    Hope this of some use to you,
    Best regards,

  8. Thomas Cicconetti said

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise.
    Here’s the deal. I already had IOBit WC 2 Personal on my PC and when accessing it, I saw there was a new IOBit AWC 3 Beta 1.0 program available so Axed AWC 2 and installed the AWC 3 Beta 1.0 version.
    This version has everything AWC 2 has plus Disk Defragement and PC Analyzer tabs.
    I just reinstalled the WC 2 Personal from the link you sent me and still have the AWC 3 Beta 1.0 on my machine. What should I do? I’m just looking for the latest and best line of defense.

  9. cotojo said

    Thomas – Can you tell me if it is IOBit Windows Care or IOBit Smart Defrag you are using?
    AWC does not have a defrag tab, so I am guessing that you are using IOBit SmartDefrag.
    If this is the case go HERE to download latest version.
    If it is IOBit AWC then ensure that you have the latest version HERE
    Hope this helps, otherwise feel free to get back to me.
    Best regards,

  10. Thomas Cicconetti said

    Works but not completely. Scans fine up until the defrag tab then tells me I have another defrag program running and to exit that program and try again. I removed Auslogics Disk Defrag and System Suites from my PC but it still gives the same message and will not defrag.
    Then it drops down to the,(last) analyze tab with “scanning” in green and runs forever with no result. Can you help me? Thanks.

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  13. cotojo said

    Hi Dave,

    Yes they certainly would, there are just so many of them but at least with AWC they are flagged to block. I should have put this in the original article, so I will have to add a little to it to clarify this.

    Thanks for your comments.

  14. Dave said

    Thanks for the reply. I looked this up and you are pefectly correct, they are flagged to block these sites but anyone seeing some of the disgustingly named sites listed in their registry would wonder what on earth was going on.

  15. cotojo said

    Hi Dave, coolweb and 180 would not have come from AWC, so the nasties would have come from elsewhere. I have been using AWC for a while now and programs I loathe are those that have anything to do with 180 and coolweb. I also use all of the other progs that I have listed so that my pc remains clean.
    If you believe that they came with AWC I suggest that you post a comment on their Forum at :
    Also please note that although you will find reference to these in your registry it is to ensure that they are not able to download to your pc as they are set as blocked in the registry. Try it and see!!

  16. Dave said

    Well I downloaded it and it dropped about a Million nasties in my registry. It had only just been cleaned so I know they weren’t there beforehand. Natsies included coolwebsearch and 180solutions. Loads of others.

  17. cotojo said

    Hi Kohl,
    Sorry you are having a problem with the registry scan, try using the following 2 progs which hopefully will help. I am currently testing a registry cleaner, so if all is well i will have that one posted early next week.

    There are a number of possible reasons behind this problem. To correct: First, update to the latest version and the latest database file if you have not done so. Second, while running Advanced WindowsCare, please temporarily disable or close any background program such as antivirus, anti-spyware and firewall. Third, it is highly recommended that you run a thorough “Check” or “Scan Disk” depending on your Windows version. Try scanning in safe mode.

    Also do a virus scan, ccleaner will clean and optimize a large part of the registry in the Applications tab, but if you use it tick each box individually and it will also create a back up for you usually in My Documents.

  18. kohl said

    I downloaded the program yesterday,My problem is that AWC won’t scan the registry,everytime its starts to do so,the computer shuts down.Every scan for the other items was fine,except the registry,anyway to get around what the problem could be,I’m sure its something in the registry,maybe an old bug,but I don’t know how to locate the bug,so the registry can be scanned completely and fixes made.

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