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Reciprocal Review Carousel – More Viral Traffic

Posted by cotojo on June 25, 2007

This is another superb idea from Alex at howtospoter to create a solid linking strategy.  I hope you will join in and create more links to each others blogs.  The following is quoted from Alex’s page with the addition of some of my favourite links.

— copy and paste the Reciprocal Review Carousel and instructions below this line —

Reciprocal Review Carousel idea is based on few simple and yet effective link-building and blogging techniques I have learned:

  • Build value of the blog by creating a link from within content.
  • Provide a value to community by doing a review on blog you personally like.
  • Link to YOUR blog has exact anchor text you want and helps you boost Google Rankings.
  • No more then 30 outbound links from any page to prevent penalties for link farming.
  • Viral effect of the link – as more bloggers participate, link to your blog with YOUR anchor text, coming from quality content post will spread.

Here is How to participate:

·  Copy the entire text between the specified lines.

·  Create a post on your site and put at least one paragraph explaining how you joined the Reciprocal Review Carousel.

·  Paste the text you copied into your post.

·  Remove the Bottom Review and At the Top add your own review with a link to a site reviewed, at least 2 sentences about the site and a note – Reviewed by: Your Anchor Text. Link your anchor text to your site.

Here is an example:

Free PC Security is a blog providing very useful information on securing your PC and your personal information online. Instructions and howto guides make it possible for anyone to create safer online presence in the knowledge that their equipment and privacy is protected. Reviewed by:

·         Sites Reviewed:

WordPress Web 2.0 Guide is a blog providing very useful information on building your very own Web 2.0 portal based on WordPress. Detailed instructions and howto guides make it possible for anyone to create a sparkling and engaging blog and join the community of like-minded individuals. Reviewed by: cotojo is an original creator of Viralink concept and a blog publishing information on Magic, Personal development and blog development. I have found a wealth of information on getting your blog noticed and generating the traffic for free. Reviewed by: WordPress Web 2.0 Guide

FitForFreedom is well-established blog where you can find multitude of information on achieving financial freedom. Blog is run by Marco Righter and his writing style greatly adds to the value of information he provides. Reviewed by: Alex  

Free PC Security blog run by Colin and provides essential information everyone accessing internet should know. Identity theft is becoming more and more of an issue and by visiting his blog you can minimize the risk of being compromised. Reviewed by: Alex 

VI-SU blog is all about WordPress, AdSense, SEO and Internet Marketing. Although mostly written in German I have found that using Google translate is worth the effort for his posts. Reviewed by: Alex 

Home With Heather is a great informative blog targeting WAHM (Work At Home Moms) and run by … you guessed it – Heather Masson. Information on what works for her in Internet Business written is very easy to read and comes from her personal experience. Reviewed by: Alex 

A Copywriter’s Blues blog published by Alex Badalic, a veteran of advertising turned musician gives you great food for soul. I have found some nice old videos of Johnny Cash performance and he has a lot more of vintage videos to satisfy fans. Reviewed by: Alex 

Did You Smell That blog authored by one of the veterans on network marketing filled with business ideas you can use. David Ledoux is well known and respected in online community and now he makes his experience available via blog posts. Reviewed by: Alex 

Best Damn Blog run by Richard Wing is all about Internet Marketing. Your visit will be rewarded by honest reviews, freebies and information you need to succeed in this cut-throat business without sacrificing your integrity. Reviewed by: Alex 

PlugIM Blog is a support portal for a new post voting system and a contender that has gained popularity among bloggers. Active community that lets you promote your blog and spread your message. Reviewed by: Alex 

Linkrain Articles blog is a great place to learn about proper linking strategies. Not only do you get access to the information but you can also ask question and Andreas Moser will dedicate an entire post to providing detailed answer. Reviewed by: Alex

Life is just around the corner . . . is a wonderful blog that makes you stop and think about some of the everyday things that we so easily take for granted.  Through some of the posts you will envision things through the eyes of a child. Reviewed by: cotojo

Keeping the Bastards Honest  Phil gives an honest insight into the world of the online scams and reading his blog will open your eyes to  exposing the so called Guru’s and Scam Sites. Reviewed by: cotojo  

Chatting to my generation  Anja covers many topics including 50+, Ageism, Marketing, Tech Stuff for Amateurs, Environment and much more, a blog well worth reading. Reviewed by: cotojo 

This and that friendly cottage is your corner store that has a little of “this and that,” “strange facts,” “Cures” and many other things. Everyone is welcomed .Pets too.  Tell your friends about this weird place. Reviewed by: cotojo

Justin Stanley’s Web Blog is a place for Justin’s own thoughts, Ideas, comments and reviews.  There is a bit of humour, brain teasers, contests and much more.  Go and find out for yourself. Reviewed by: cotojo

Make Money with etienne As the title suggests this blog shows you the multiple ways in which to generate an income from your blog.  It’s well worth the visit and read through the posts, you are sure to find some inspiration there. Reviewed by: cotojo

Beyond Technology As the name suggests it goes beyond the basic technology looking at Network Security, Chipset recognition, Internet Protocol, Computer Ports List and more.  Great blog for anyone interested in learning more about the technology side of computers. Reviewed by: cotojo

— copy and paste the Reciprocal Review Carousel and instructions above this line —

Since joining this Carousel I have followed Alex’s suggestion not to link to my blog from each review therefore avoiding multiple links back to my site from a single location.  Feel free to join the carousel and please add reviews to the sites you like. Once you have provided review about the site – let them know, and perhaps they will join the carousel.  You will be surprised how fast your rank will grow and this time so will the Google Page Ranking.  It is your chance to get viral traffic to your blog.

24 Responses to “Reciprocal Review Carousel – More Viral Traffic”

  1. asvino said

    Have you seen the Easy Viral Traffic blog yet? They provide some pretty cool information about how to get free website traffic… check it out

  2. cotojo said

    4 Freedoms – Welcome aboard, wish you every success with both.

    They do work, all you have to do is help to spread the word through your fellow bloggers, invite them to join in 🙂


  3. Hi, I joined recently to the carousel, and I joined again the rebirth carousel. It really helps. Good Luck to all who participated.

    All good things,

    Al Link

  4. […] Posted by cotojo on September 17th, 2007 How would you like to take your blog from a Technorati rank 650,000 + to under 50,000 even if your blog is brand new? I know it might sounds like a rather incredible but this is exactly what I was able to accomplish when I joined the original Reciprocal Review Carousel. […]

  5. cotojo said

    Spyware Detect – thank you for your comment. I apologise for removing your link but I only advocate FREE downloads and not clickbank links to paid utilities etc.
    That’s what this blog is about…FREE PC Security.

  6. Really nice site you have here. I�ve been reading for a while but this post made me want to say 2 thumbs up. Keep up the great work.

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  13. […] Top Posts Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2007 Free EditionCCleaner – Erase your browsing history safelyDumb Things You Can Do To Ruin Your PCAdvanced Windows Care from I0BitZone Alarm Free FirewallZone Alarm Install Guide – Updated & In-DepthIObit SmartDefragSpywareBlaster 3.5Securing Windows XPReciprocal Review Carousel – More Viral Traffic […]

  14. lilyruth said

    I meant a review about my blog that needs help and listen thanks for your support as always.

  15. cotojo said

    Hi Cody,
    It’s really quite simple, copy and paste the whole text between the two lines of red text.
    Remove the example and replace it with a review of your own site.

    Your link anchor text should be something simple ie: Internet Marketing Ideas (insert as a hyperlink to your blog) then your review, then Reviewed by: Cody (as a hyperlink to your blog again)

    Remove the bottom link and review another site of your choice – again hyperlink it, enter your review, then reviewed by: your name without hyperlinking. This is important so you are not creating too many links to your blog from yourself.

    Any probs, leave a comment and I’ll get back asap.

  16. Cody said

    COOL! I have a blog about internet marketing ideas.. how can i join the carousel?

  17. […] Colin from […]

  18. lilyruth said

    Listen Kumiko has a new domain its and she has alot of trick and tips also about bloggin if yu want to see and red some of them they are real interesting aalso she shows you lots of ways on how to improve your blog and how to make money on-line so check her out. bye now

  19. lilyruth said

    I want to invite you to join the Alexa train its posted on my site your name and blog is on there now all you have to do is Join the train? I sure hope I did this one right it looked simple but I do not know yet if I have it down right oh well just go and get on board the Alexas train. and thanks for your help I still might try and put your chain of virals somewhere on my blog.

  20. cotojo said

    Hello Bascleff,

    It’s really quite simple, copy and paste the whole text between the two lines of red text.

    Your link anchor text should be something simple ie:

    Secure Your PC for Free rather than

    Hope this helps

  21. basscleff said

    not completely sure about the procedure, but I’ll give it a try.
    The link anchors for google page ranks interest – but also lose me.

  22. Sophiagurl said

    hi Colin, will be doing the train this evening. i hope i get it right though. =)

  23. cotojo said

    Thanks Alex,

    It’s nice to participate and hopefully it will also benefit many others, thanks for the idea.
    Have a great day


  24. Alex said

    Thanks Colin,

    I appreciate the participation and hopefully your readers will find it beneficial as well.


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