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Reciprocal Review Carousel – Web 2.0 Viral Linking At its Best

Posted by cotojo on July 22, 2007

The Viral effect of the  Reciprocal Review Carousel is having an enormous effect which starts as soon as you enter it on your blog.

It increases your backlinks, your Technorati ranking and rating and gives you more targetted traffic.

If you’re not using it you should ask yourself why.

This is turning into a real rollercoaster and is a must for any blogger who wants quality links.

You will be surprised how fast your rank will grow and this time so will the Google PR.

Get all the details on the link below, don’t sit and wait…..this is real Viral Traffic generation.

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Some comments passed by those using it:

Traffic Generation and Link Building On Crack!

It’s all about the power behind the punch!

One of the cool things about blogging is meeting new people.

This is a different kind of web 2.0 link building technique.

This Reciprocal Review Carousel is spreading like a bushfire.

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3 Responses to “Reciprocal Review Carousel – Web 2.0 Viral Linking At its Best”

  1. cotojo said

    Mihaela – Thank you so much for your valuable input. I understand what you are saying about ‘copy&paste’ and duplicate entries.

    Alex’s meme was fun and I have to be honest and admit that it did get me a lot of good quality targeted traffic and not just from those within the carousel. Others were clicking through from other sites where the carousel was implemented without joining it, which was interesting to see. There is obviously a certain amount of traffic that is not targeted too.

    I will certainly bear in mind what you have written and always look forward to constructive criticism :o)

  2. Hi Colin,

    First, thanks for the in depth comment on my blog. I didn’t have time in the past two-three weeks to leave comments on the blogs I visited, so here I am today…

    I have to comment on this, as it deals a lot with my line of work: SEO.
    The moment you “copy/paste” content you populate your pages with duplicate entries. This is by no means a healthy SEO strategy. Besides, if you get too many links with the same anchor text, you are on a sure path to getting out of Google’s SERPs, drop your rankings or suffer other penalties. Technorati will not really penalize your site for this.

    If you don’t care about these things and you find Alex’s meme fun, that’s another story. I see the traffic point… but are you actually sure that the traffic you get is targeted? Who is actually going to click on those links except the people who join the carousel?

    Well, to make a long story short, in the future, try to avoid such techniques if you care about your Google rankings. Use more natural linking strategies even for technorati. You never know when the algorithms might change and your site will have to suffer.

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