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Job Scams – What You Really Need To Know

Posted by cotojo on July 31, 2007

More and more people now use the internet searching for work but those that are also risk putting themselves in jeopardy.

Job scams are on the increase, and with that it also means that those that apply for these jobs are at greater risk of Identity Theft and Fraud.

You may be asked to provide personal information such as your Full Name, Bank Account details, Credit Card information, PayPal information, Social Security Number, Drivers License, Home Address……with this arsenal of information in the wrong hands you could have a serious problem.

Identity Protection is extremely important online for everyone.  

For Job Seekers it is even more important as some of the companies that are recruiting offer very attractive salaries, and appear to be genuine and big companies, some with very well known industry names.

But the people behind thse will often recreate a complete website, which to all intents and purposes looks like the real thing…..and then they start a recruitment drive, advertising for employees who may need to relocate, and offer extremely good packages to you. 

There are several ways to discover if a job offer is real or a scam,  I highly recommend that you head on over to Oil Offshore Marine and read what they have to say about this and also check their list of known scams.

They also offer a Free Checking System where if you get a job offer that you are unsure about, email them the details and they will investigate it to see if the offer is by a genuine company or whether it is a scam.

Oil Offshore Marine is the Worldwide Center of Oil & Gas Jobs.

I highly recommend that you read their blog Beware of Job Scams, it really is an eye opener, and it could save YOU from being duped.

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