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AVG Anti-Rootkit Free

Posted by cotojo on August 2, 2007

May 2008 Important Note: Grisoft have now incorporated this as part of the new AVG Anti-Virus v8.0.1
It is only available in the paid version NOT the free version, so please scroll to the bottom of the page for more Rootkit Removers although the standalone version is available through the download link at the end of the description.

Grisoft has developed quite a following with its free (for personal, non-commercial use) security applications, and for good reason.

Now there’s an anti-rootkit utility in AVG’s free software stable, too, and for users seeking a minimum of interaction, AVG Anti-Rootkit Free may very well be the Right Tool for the Job.

Grisoft makes its free AVG Anti-Rootkit application available for download. Users download the avgarkt.exe setup file, which features simple installation.

In keeping with the goal to make AVG Anti-Rootkit a very simple tool, the file features a simple .exe install file that triggers a setup wizard.

Users can select between a normal interface (which Grisoft recommends and sets as the default) or a low graphics interface (which is optimized for visually impaired users who rely on screen-reading programs).

Users must accept the AVG Anti-Rootkit Free license agreement before they can use the program to check their Windows system for stealth rootkit programs.

Next, users must specify the location of the AVG Anti-Rootkit Free installation files.

As with most software programs, users must specify the name of the Start Menu Folder. This is the name the AVG Anti-Rootkit application receives on the user’s Start menu.

Once users have specified all setup information, the free anti-rootkit utility installs itself.

Due to the way most anti-rootkit applications operate, it’s necessary to reboot Windows to enable proper operation. AVG’s free anti-rootkit application is no different. AVG’s setup utility gives users the option of rebooting immediately automatically or manually rebooting later.

AVG purposefully keeps its anti-rootkit interface simple. There are very few options for users to choose, thereby helping simplify the already confusing and complex world of rootkits.

AVG includes concise educational information aimed at helping regular (non-IT professionals) better understand the threat stealth rootkit programs present.

The Learn More tab lists information on what rootkits are and how users can protect their PCs from the stealth threats. There’s also a link to Grisoft’s site where additional computer security information is made available.

Users can check for AVG Anti-Rootkit Free updates using the third tab (About & Update). Clicking the About & Update tab also reveals the current version users have installed.

An interesting note, Grisoft informs users on this third tab why the AVG Anti-Rootkit uses random window titles. The reason is that AVG’s programmers wanted intentionally to change the name of the window the free anti-rootkit application uses to help thwart detection efforts rootkit hackers might program into their malware.

If users click the Check For New Version button found on the third About & Update tab, they are directed to Grisoft’s Web site. Here users will see whether the version they are using is current or whether updates must be downloaded.

The Search For Rootkits tab is the meat of the program and the reason users will download it in the first place.

Clicking the Search For Rootkits button triggers a search of stealth rootkit programs. The free AVG application tracks its progress in the progress bar at the menu’s bottom.

By default, the Search For Rootkits button only searches critical Windows directories on the root drive.

When no rootkits are found, AVG presents a congratulations window.

When rootkits are found, AVG displays those that are found (with information on the rootkit path and type). Users can then highlight the rootkit items in question and click the Remove Selected Items button to eliminate the offending files from their Windows systems.

With the In-Depth Search, however, AVG Anti-Rootkit searches for stealth rootkit files on all the hard drives and partitions within a system.

Just as with the simple rootkit search, the AVG Anti-Rootkit Free application tracks its progress as it works. Should users wish, they can terminate the search using the provided Stop button.

These are all the options a user can select when working with AVG’s free anti-rootkit program. By purposefully keeping the application easy to use, AVG engineers have created a free malware detection utility that’s the Right Tool for regular (personal) users seeking to check their systems for unwanted stealth software.

Download your copy here

Do NOT rely upon just this Rootkit finder, use a few others too as they all vary in their search definitions and criteria.

You can find a comprehensive list at

I recommend the use of IceSword and Rootkit Unhooker, but there are many free to use rootkit finders listed. Check the column on the right to ensure it is Free and do NOT use the Beta versions.

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4 Responses to “AVG Anti-Rootkit Free”

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  3. cotojo said

    George – Many thanks for your contribution. You are quite right that they do vary in the places they search. I will also add a few of them to the post after reviewing them.

  4. George said

    Do not choose only one antirootkit program. some look in places that others do not.
    There is a list of all current antirootkit programs at

    I use Icesword and Rootkit Unhooker

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