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Email Danger – Free Web Tools

Posted by cotojo on August 22, 2007

Hot on the heels of the ‘Postcard From A Friend’, there is a new trend starting.

Below is a copy of an email I received – several copies of it too.

DO NOT open this email as it contains a Trojan Downloader, just Delete it

Virus Name:  JS/Psyme also known as HTML/Mht@exp

Spreads through Web Browsing, Downloads Code from the internet, Exploits your system and/or Software vulnerabilities.

Ensure your anti-virus is up-to-date.  I recommend AVG Anti-Virus (freeware)which catches these Trojans and opens  a ‘Threat Detected’ window.

If you are infected with this update your virus definitions file and reboot into Safe Mode, scan with anti-virus and also scan with ad-aware.

After cleaning reboot into normal OS and scan again to ensure there are no traces of the virus remaining.

Email will read similar to this, with some variations: 

Welcome Member,

We are so happy you joined Free Web Tools.

Member Number: 6257277682314
Your Temp. Login ID: user3795
Your Password ID: eq708

Please Change your login and change your Login Information.

Use this link to change your Login info: Free Web Tools

Internet Support
Free Web Tools

Should you find that your website is compromised by the JS/Psyme virus, you will need to download your site – preferably to an external driive or if no external drive is available to a folder on your dektop and follow the instructions as above. 

Scan the folder containing your site in Safe Mode, make a note of where the virus is found and ensure prior to scanning that your anti-virus is up-to-date.  When complete and the infection is removed, reboot into normal OS and scan again.  If clean upload your site to your server.


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