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File Shredders for Security

Posted by cotojo on September 25, 2007

So you delete a file and it goes into your Recycle Bin, then you empty the Recycle Bin and it’s gone.  You think so anyway.  It isn’t.  Windows simply removes the reference to the files, and with Recovery Software it is very easy to recover deleted items.  

Use these programs with extreme caution, ensuring your PC is backed up first.

With these products you can safely shred confidential information.  If you are replacing your PC or Hard Drive, would you leave any personal identification on it?  Many people do, thinking that a reformat will wipe any sensitive data, yet most Recovery Software programs can easily recover these files.  If it has been securely shredded it is almost impossible to recover depending upon the algorithm of the shredder. 

File Shredder is a free program for Personal and Commercial use.It is a fast, safe and reliable utility. 

You have the option to shred files or complete folders, along with 5 different algorithms:

Simple One Pass

Simple Two Pass

DoD 5520-22.M

Secure Erasing Algorithm with 7 Passes

Guttman Algorithm 35 Passes.  

It has a Windows Shell Integration which means that you can right click any file or folder and select File Shredder which then gives you the option to Secure Delete, Remember to be deleted later or to Call Up the File Shredder which will open the program. 

You will be asked for confirmation before shredding any items, they do NOT get shredded by adding them to File Shredder and you have the option to remove items before shredding is started. 

You can also Shred Free Disk Space on your hard drive, which will shred unused or free space across the whole volume which includes previously deleted items.  This option may take some time depending on which algorithm you choose and the speed of your PC. 

The author of this program has issued it in the belief that everyone has the right to permanently remove private and confidential documents as a basic right to privacy.  

File Shredder is compatible with Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003 Server and Vista. 

The download file is 1.2 mb and is available here.  

There is another File Shredder from HandyBits, which is free for personal use only and again is compatible with Windows OS. 

This shredder features simple drag&drop files or folders to the Desktop Icon, over writing data up to 15 times, Windows Shell Integration, Multi Language Support, Custom Backgrounds, a Drop Target Window which stays on top of other windows, Useful Tips and Online Help. 

The download file is 1.55 MB and is available here

A word of caution.

Backup your system before making any changes.

Any files that are accidentally deleted to the Recycle Bin and subsequently deleted upon emptying the Recycle Bin can be recovered using a recovery program such as Recuva.

Once shredded using file shredders, they may well be beyond normal recovery methods.


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6 Responses to “File Shredders for Security”

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  2. cotojo said

    Charles – When using a file shredder it will not shred deleted recycle bin objects, however, if you open the shredder program and select ‘Shred Free Disk Space’ this will shred ALL deleted files but it does take a while to run.


  3. Charles Nickalopoulos said

    When shredding deleted temporary files,are the deleted recycle files also being shredded?

  4. […] you use a file shredder it is better than using the recycle bin to empty […]

  5. cotojo said

    Lalit – Thanks for dropping by and for your comment.

    Regular backups are essential for any user. It is also very easy to accidentally delete a file to the Recycle Bin which can easily be recovered. Once shredded, depending upon the level chosen, it will be beyond normal recovery methods.


  6. files deleted from recycle bin or deleted by pressing [ Shift+Delete ] can may you panick u at first , but with such tool u can easily recover the deleted file .That s why it is advised to take regular Backups , but a home user do it less fequently .

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