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IOBit Smart Defrag – Updated Version

Posted by cotojo on October 21, 2007

IOBit have recently released an upgraded version of their very popular Smart Defrag tool.  It has a new streamlined easy-to-use interface.

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10 Responses to “IOBit Smart Defrag – Updated Version”

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  2. cotojo said

    Joe Doaks – The URL points to MajorGeeks which offers a choice of server download locations. The ‘Reg Mechanic’ is only there as an advertisement on the download page.
    It is possible that IE has blocked the site from downloading the file with a yellow bar at the top of the download window. If you click on the yellow bar you have the option to download the file, or on the main window it will state ‘Your download of IObit SmartDefrag will automatically start in a few seconds…
    Click here if it does not.’

    Please recheck the download or mirror sites, I in no way advocate Reg Mechanic and this is purely majorgeeks advertising it.


  3. JoeDoaks said

    The “”url”” hot link to ‘upgrade beta’ goes to majorgeeks then ONLY to reg mechanic!

    Is that your product as well?

  4. cotojo said

    Jackie – Blogger sure has its moments, but then most platforms do lol. Now if it all went smoothly we would wonder what was wrong 🙂


  5. shinade said

    Thank you so very much…off to blogger for dummmies…:-)

  6. cotojo said

    Jackie – Yes this will run with Vista, it was designed with that in mind.

    Your blog right column has dropped to the footer, so you need to go into your template and shift it back into place. It should be fairly straightforward.

    Colin 🙂

  7. shinade said

    Colin I recently got this new laptopand it is running on Windows Vista which I am just learning. I actually have two questions concerning both this program, and, problems I think I may be having with Vista and setting my monitor. First will this program run and work with Vista? Now my second question is also a request. Last night all of a sudden my blog appears to me on my end as a split screen. All of the page elements on the right side seem to have split and dropped to the bottom of the screen. Now I don’t know if it’s my monitor or if I ned to work on the coding of my blog. Could you pleae look at my blog and tell me if it still is showing correctly? And, if it is….are you familiar with Vista and can you tell me how to set my monitor? I know I am asking a lot but we are out on the road and I can’t access my desktop to check for myself….and, I am still somewhat lost learning how to adjust Vista. Thanks ever so much if you can and wil do this for me.~Jackie

  8. cotojo said

    Aryst – Many thanks for your visit and comment.

    I used the previous Beta version of this with no problems and have been using this one prior to its release and it does a great job of keeping the drive defragged.


  9. nimrodjo said

    Hi Colin, aryst here, but I’ll be using my domain name to comment…I’ve downloaded it and I will try it out…Subscribe to your feed already and I will be one of your permanent visitor…cheers

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