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Steps To Prevent Computer Freezes

Posted by cotojo on January 25, 2008

Computer freezes usually occur due to problems that may not actually be visible. But these hidden problems can play a major role in the deterioration of your computer’s performance. If you are frequently haunted by unexpected computer freezes, then you must perform the following steps in order to resolve some of the problems that might be occurring in the background.

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4 Responses to “Steps To Prevent Computer Freezes”

  1. Online Security…

    […]Steps To Prevent Computer Freezes « Free PC Security[…]…

  2. shinade said

    here too!!


  3. cotojo said

    Sandy – Every system slows down lol, and defragmenting is often overlooked…There is a useful free tool HERE which you can leave to run in the background and set it to run when processor usage is at a certain level and schedule it to run at intervals etc.
    I use it all the time, so defrag isn’t a problem 😀
    Have a great day my dear friend,

  4. That’s it. Tonight I defrag. The whole concept of fragmentation is downright fascinating. Totally messes with my idea of how things should work. They actually work the way I do–messy!

    Thanks for these timely tips, Colin. (How’d you know my system has slowed down?)

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