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Save XP or Death of XP?

Posted by cotojo on May 9, 2008

With the launch of Vista the death bell was sounded for Windows XP. Given that this is the most common OS in use at present, Microsoft will discontinue sales at the end of June and support for XP will discontinue around 2010.

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9 Responses to “Save XP or Death of XP?”

  1. cotojo said

    Anonymouse – Like many other users I am quite happy with XP and do not have the need to upgrade when all of my software, hardware and drivers work just fine. Vista lacks the backward compatability in many areas, and for large institutions who have installed XP in the last year or two, they simply cannot afford to replace their systems with Vista.
    I have Vista on another machine, but will you be quite so happy when ‘Windows 7’ is released in the near future, upgrade and maybe that won’t be backward compatible with Vista?
    Bear in mind, Vista was not adopted by as many as MS had hoped, it was a dead turkey even before it hit the shelf.
    There are millions of users using XP that cannot justify using Vista, and driver updates are quite simple in XP if you use the right methods……now Vista is not that secure either, IE7 was designed for Vista and look at the problems that has had along with many security programs that were NOT vista compatible, and some still are not! Great system which cost MS a lot of money and now it is defunct and will be replaced with Windows7, more compact, sleeker and faster needing far less resources 🙂

  2. Anonymouse said

    Anyone who prefers the wild and uncontrollable services of XPeepee, over the much more secure & stable Vista, is either an old fogy to stubborn to adapt to new technology or an ignorant blathering fool.
    Having tested the Longhorn series from the 4008 appearance onward, I too, was not a big fan of what was to become the successor to Xpeepee, but the arrival of Vista Ultimate SP1 changes that assessment completely.
    Gone are the days of disabled Xpeepee services, mysteriously turning themselves back on after a 30 day interval, or a Microsoft update.
    Gone is the searching for hours on the web, for the correct driver for an obscure piece of hardware.
    Gone is the slow and annoying freeze-ups and crashes of an inherently unstable OS.
    With one small adjustment to turn off the UAC pop-ups, for every niggling act of operation in Vista, I have a reliable and dependable OS that needs no attention to correct transient controls and deviant services with a mind of their own.
    So long as the machine is sufficiently equipped with the requisite 3.5 GB of decent DDR2 RAM, and a fairly fast processor, the increase in the number of services running is not only NOT a concern, but confers many advantages over any version of the vulnerable and untrustworthy Xpeepee OS.
    Goodbye to bad trash, and good riddance, I say. Until I installed Vista Ultimate SP1 and turned off the annoying UAC, I thought they would have to pry W2k from my cold dead processing fingers, but no longer.
    FINALLY, a great Windows OS to replace my beloved but aging Windows 2000 Professional.

  3. cotojo said

    Tammy – Just click the link, at top of new window click to skip the ad then fill petition on right side of page 🙂
    Hugs, have a great weekend,

  4. Tammy said

    I have no idea where the heck to sign the petition. I’ll figure it out later though, gotta do that scan thingy.

    Tam :o)

  5. cotojo said

    Chuck – Hey sweetie, good to see you back 🙂
    Vista will be short lived with Windows7 due for release next year. I would recommend Firefox for safer browsing. You can download it from
    With so many add-ons it is easy to customize to suit yourself. I use it as my default browser, it loads quicker and is much safer. IE has so many inherent problems, and is an easy target for hackers etc.
    Have a lovely day and a wonderful weekend ahead,
    Take care sweetie,
    *Hugs n kisses*

  6. cotojo said

    Christine – I wholeheartedly agree. I have tried Vista, it looks flash but as for functionality…forget it!
    Users who do purchase new machines with Vista can call Microsoft Support and get a code from them which will revert it to XP, which is a far better Windows OS, and as I have said in the post, it is also stable with the exception of Internet Explorer.
    The more who sign this petition the better, as consumers are not happy with Vista, and sales also show that the only reason it sells is because it is pre-installed.
    Have a great weekend 🙂
    Take care

  7. chuck said

    Hey there cutie pie. I’m glad XP is phasing out just because I want Vista to finally get settled in. I’ve had it for almost a year now and am just now getting all the kinks out…Question: What browser do you recommend I use with Vista? I use to have lots ‘o probs with IE, but not so much anymore. Maybe it’s getting better.

    Have a beautimous day, m’dear and bright and cheery weekend. *hugs n kisses* 2u2.

  8. I had bought Windows Vista and didn’t like it at all, so I took my computer back and got one with XP. I love my XP. Please don’t trash it! I have other friends who won’t buy a newer computer, because of all the bad things they’ve heard about Windows Vista and have to agree.

  9. […] including an online petition which now has close to 200,000 signatures. Help to raise this by reading this article and then clicking the follow through link to sign the […]

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