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AVG Update Problems

Posted by cotojo on October 30, 2008

AVG’s antivirus software has disabled some users Internet connection with a recent update. Their support page indicates that users upgrading to AVG version 8.0.196 may find that their internet connection fails.
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9 Responses to “AVG Update Problems”

  1. gary said

    Please anyone! For some reason my firewall,web shield,e-mail scanner & Identity protection have been disabled.
    I have updated the program still nothing,running avg 9.0. Beginning to wonder if purchasing this product was the right move. Please if anyone can help, then please no jargon,nice & simple please, alot like me 😛

  2. Annemette said

    Hi Colin!

    Thanks a lot for your help:) I just installed AVAST instead of AVG. Im’ now exited to see if it’s a succes. (Hope so)

    I still have this strange problem with getting acces to (Luckily I still have my old PC to check my emails) – Any other site is no problem! Has it something to do with my firewaal settings? If yes, how do I change them?

    All the best


  3. NeedHelp said

    I updated my avg and suddenly my avg scanner thinks it is two months from now, dating itself in April 2009, when it is only February 2009!

    It is reporting it is scanning with the current date, but it is ALSO showing the April 2009 date as “scanning,” where it seems forever stuck.

    I am concerned this is a virus and my computer privacy and security are being comprimised.

    What is going on here?


  4. cotojo said

    bruni – Go here:
    Download the AVG Remover and run it to uninstall, then go here to download the latest version of AVG:

  5. bruni said

    I have had AVG for one year now , and never a problem I have the free version on 08 the but today it says my web shield is disabled and I’m now having problems with threats and infections. When I go into the overview it says the web shield is enabled but for some reason it wont work…!!please help me I am a senior and can’t afford problems

  6. cotojo said

    Rachel – Have responded to your email with some suggestions.


  7. Rachel said

    I have downladed the free version of AVG but it says my web shield is disabled and I’m now having problems with threats and infections. When I go into the overview it says the web shield is enabled but for some reason it wont work…!!

  8. cotojo said

    Barbara – Many thanks for your visit and comment 🙂
    The AVG Web Shield was never a good idea and I’m pleased that this was of use to you.
    I do my best to post articles in an easily to read and understand manner as there are many non-technical users, so hopefully it benefits many people.
    using tech jargon can put a lot of users off as they don’t understand it, so sticking to plain words is much easier.
    Personally I would use Avast and the mywot addon, AVG is becoming a resource hog and doesn’t perform well in tests.
    I will have some upcoming articles re: Vista.

    Have a great day,

  9. Barbara said

    I’m a very good web researcher and a very, very poor software/hardware mechanic. This AVG Web Shield problem has had me flummoxed for a while. I browsed around different websites trying to find how to fix it but they were all WAY beyond my understanding level.

    You cannot know how many times I’ve had to pay people to fix what I knew were fairly simple and mundane problems and I’m resolvd to NOT do that anymore–hence my frustrating net search to find the answer to my AVG problem.

    By chance I came across your site, this page, and the answer to my feverent hope that SOMEONE would lay out what to do about the problem in clear, unambiguous and simple terms–layman’s terms.

    You did that. I thank you most sincerely.

    I’m a high school biology teacher; I’m not a dummy. If I need help like this which you’ve provided–simple, straightforward words utilizing regular spoken English and avoiding a scary amount of techincal acronyms–then there are lots of people out there like me who need this kind of help. I hope they all find their way to you.

    For myself and my piece of mind, I’m adding you to my Favorites, immediately.

    Thank you again,
    Barbara in California just trying to get my machine to run properly.
    (Ummm. Got any help for Vista + making the email client work (1) at all and (2) accept new addys?)

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