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Sandboxed Malware – 100% Safe Surfing

Posted by cotojo on November 4, 2008

This video will show you how using a sandbox protects you from malware infections while surfing.  Quite simply, you do NOT get infected unless YOU specifically ‘recover’ the malware.

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2 Responses to “Sandboxed Malware – 100% Safe Surfing”

  1. cotojo said

    Reinwald – I was surfing using Sandboxie and by opening the main sandbox window it lists all changes and additions to the registry, system32 files and programs. It is a safer way to surf when opening malware and seeing what would be changed. As it’s a virtual area the changes disappear when closing the sandbox and deleting the contents which can be verified by searching the registry hives and system32 folder.


  2. Reinwald said

    Hi, I was wondering what program did you use to check changes in the registry?

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